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Nevada Boosts Solar Power, Reversing Course

  ” The unlikely scene that unfolded in Las Vegas yesterday looked like this: There was Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican, seated before a table resembling a solar panel, ready to sign a bill restoring net metering in Nevada. Tesla Inc.’s red logo highlighted the scene. It was attached to a warehouse wall, serving as…
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Illegal short-term rentals remain a problem in Las Vegas Valley

  ” Clark County’s crackdown on illegal short-term vacation rentals resulted in a record-shattering number of investigations last year. The county opened 501 cases, more than double the number opened in 2016. As of March 24 more than 100 cases have been opened this year. County code enforcement chief Jim Andersen said the influx prompted…
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Las Vegas Homeowner Fined $72,900 for using Airbnb Without License

  ” The Las Vegas City Council levied $72,900 in fines on a homeowner who rented out a house on vacation rental websites without a license, sending a strong message to people who disregard new short-term rental rules. The fines stem from 138 days of unlicensed rental activity through Airbnb and HomeAway at 1925 Silver Ave.,…
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Bill Could Force Uber, Lyft out of Nevada

  ” CARSON CITY — A bill that was amended in the Assembly late Friday could run Uber and Lyft out of business in Nevada, critics of the measure said Monday. The transportation network companies say the amendment increasing insurance requirements and requiring drivers to get businesses licenses before they begin working would end ride-sharing…
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Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Ed Uehling and Grover Norquist after Ed signed the Nevada Taxpayer Protection Pledge affirming his position of not raising taxes.        

Ed On Taxation

REDUCE TAXES/REGULATIONS: Even though anyone knows that all budgets consist of two sides—Revenue and Expenses.  The first job of the Legislature should be to look for economies and efficiencies in governance.  Legislators should require REAL goals/expected results (this means establishing measurable goals with time limits), which they monitor each session.  The resources they allocate (revenue)…
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Ed On Jobs

For Nevada and Las Vegas, this is the easiest problem to solve.  Since 90% of global wealth is situated in foreign countries, we must facilitate the ability of people holding this wealth to spend it here.   Fundamental to understanding this issue are two facts:  1)  foreign governments have no objection to their citizens’ visiting…
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