Do you really think if we keep voting in Democrats and Republicans into office, things are going to change? No it’s not.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
– Supposedly from Einstein

Key Issues


I support empowerment for individuals & businesses. Historically too much government involvement becomes problematic, I believe in a right to manage oneself.

To honor and promote Nevada values of individual freedom and initiative is by building on the recent successes of Airbnb, Uber and the marijuana legalization, it substituted expensive, wasteful, government control and allowed thousands of private entrepreneurs to make money for themselves and the government.

At the same time solving real problems of transportation and healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Nevadans and Tourists.



Las Vegas sits at a crossroads where one’s choice could put us on the ground floor of unimagined growth and prosperity. Since a critical population of mass transit users already exists in Las Vegas, I will establish initiatives for companies throughout the world in competing to design, build and operate, at no taxpayer’s cost, a world-class subway system linking the airport, the Las Vegas Strip, the University and Downtown Las Vegas.

This will make the urban core of Las Vegas the third REAL city in the U.S. after New York and San Francisco. It is the largest and most fun, while stimulating the return of wealth to the inner city, no longer needing billion-dollar highway expansions or even a car itself.


As one of the pillars of our local economy, I encourage and support the Tourism industry’s continued rapid growth and promote protections for tourists to our State in the following ways:

– Tourism for the benefit of both people and corporations
– Realize that tourism is education and provide the children of Nevada opportunities to become the most educated in the nation through:
– Encouraging hosting of tourists such as Airbnb and resulting in positive interactions and relationships between locals and tourists
– Establish initiatives in financing student exchanges so Nevadans learn languages and cultural norms to strengthen business and wealth generation


My name is Ed Uehling and I’m running as a NONPARTISAN (NPP) for the job of Lieutenant Governor of the State of Nevada.
Born and raised in Nevada, I have been fortunate to pay witness to the outstanding growth and development of our state, our Tourist Industry and our local economy. 
It is my view that both major parties have overwhelmingly good intentions for the People of the State, and I observe that they generate fights and even hatreds over nothing. As Lt. Governor, my vote in breaking any tie will be based solely on what is best for the welfare of the people of Nevada. 

For the People. For The Good of Nevada
Ed Uehling, Nonpartisan (NPP) for Lieutenant Governor
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