Ed Uehling for Lieutenant Governor is neither a politician nor belongs to any group. He has no political party, no one to kowtow to, no one to tell him what to do. He decides solely on the basis on what is good for the people.

About Ed Uehling:

  • grew up in Boulder City since 1943.
  • Master in Public Administration
  • lived and worked in Asia and South America
  • traveled 49 countries and understands different cultures

Lieutenant Governor’s main responsibilities:

As Chairman of Nevada Tourism Commission

  • Having lived and worked in Asia and South America he has extensive knowledge and experience and understanding of other countries and cultures that will enable him to bring in not only people of the Americas but also of the world doubling the number of Nevada visitors.

As Vice Chairman of the state’s Transportation Commission

  • He envisions a subway that will encircle the Resort Corridor and Downtown Las Vegas to improve locals’ and tourists’ experience and spur development, where we can live, work and play without the $10,000 annual expense of owning a car.
  • Finish I-11 to connect Reno and Las Vegas.

As Member of the Economic Development Commission

  • Finishing I-11 to Oregon via Reno will create another gambling mecca that offers trees and lakes as well.
  • Extending broadband throughout the State to reach the rural communities will enable them to participate in the tourism industry, bringing in a different flavor for tourists other than the neon lights.
  • Liberating entrepreneurial talents of Nevada’s People by ending existing harmful regulations and prohibitions against business will result in prosperity for Nevadans

President of the Senate and breaker of tie votes

  • Having No Political Party (NPP) status enables him to work with both Republicans and Democrats and more importantly, his decisions will solely be based on what is good for the people and the state and not for the parties.

Independent, Nonpartisan, No Political Party and a non-politician will bring in the change. Ed Uehling for Lieutenant Governor.

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