End the Drug War

Our country has a history, a four hundred year history, of fighting wars. And the drug war is one of worst, if not THE worst, of these wars.

The drug war is literally a war against the people and has been an unmitigated disaster. Even more pathetic, it started as a war against a plant—a totally inanimate and innocent object.

This particular war has thrown millions of people into jail and ruined their lives when they are doing, in the case of teenagers and young people, what teenagers and young people are supposed to do, experiment and decide on their own path through this world.

All drugs should be legalized, just like they were in the boom times of the state. They were legal then. They could be now. After all our government continues to encourage use of the most toxic concoctions its special interest corporations can dream up —substances that kill thousands of people per year. Yet it demonizes a plant that grows naturally and has the potential of significant health advances.

We don’t need a nanny state to protect us from ourselves. In fact, our society will become much happier, more mature, and more productive when we don’t have a government that treats adults like children.

Finally, let me address this. There are those that say drugs must remain illegal to prevent harm to the community. So, let’s pick an example like meth or heroin. I don’t know of a positive use for these drugs. Even most of those using the drugs want to quit.

But, creating a police state to break down doors and drag addicts off to prison is a worse evil than figuring out ways to help our friends, families, and neighbors beat addictions.

We can solve the drug problem without creating a government problem just by removing the criminality associated with the possession and sale of inanimate objects like drugs.