Every politician will say they want the education system improved.
Every politician says they are for better education. Every politician will say
they want better pay for the best teachers. But, merely throwing money at the
problem will not improve our education system. The money needs to be targeted,
targeted to the right teachers by loving parents, who care more about their kids
education than ANY bureaucrat does.

The state run school system has failed our kids; completely failed them. Only
11% of Clark County’s high school students are qualified to go to college
according to the results of the ACT test.

One of the few things the 2015 legislature  DID well was to pass
Educational Saings Accounts, often referred to as the ESA. The ESA program allows all students, regardless of income, to have the ability to choose their teacher and curriculum.

I wholeheartedly support this program, and others like it, to give parents much greater
control over their child’s education. To trust parents to find the best
teachers for their kids and ensure the best teachers are getting properly
compensated. And most importantly, that the youth of our state are getting the
best possible education.