Crime, Corruption, and Accountability

One of the most despicable procedures used by our government is called extrajudicial forfeiture, which is where the police take your stuff without a criminal trial by a jury of your peers.

The total theft by our government through extra judicial processes exceeds the value of all the goods stolen by all the burglars in the country.

Ending that theft would be a huge step forward.

Also, the police on our streets cause far more damage to life and limb than do their counterparts around the world.

The politicians are not going to crack down on this violence. In fact, the politicians have empowered the police to investigate themselves. So, we can’t look to them, to the system, to fix this problem.

One thing we can do, is to allow victims of police abuse better access to the court system simply by removing the special protections afforded police, which limits the recovery
of a victim to no more than 50 thousand dollars, an amount smaller than the cost of a lawsuit. This current policy ensures lawsuits against police do not go forward.

So, this policy ensures that the self-investigating police are never held accountable by the courts, for anything they do wrong.

Not until the bad apples are punished for the illegal violence they commit, in the name of the law, will our police become true public SERVANTS instead of killing a person every month.