Uber and Lyft

Why Do I support UBER and Lyft?
I’ve met several Uber and Lyft drivers over the last few weeks and have learned most of them have at least 2 jobs.  They’re working very hard to support their families; giving them the opportunity to continue to live in Las Vegas and pay their bills.
Several are from other countries, some single mothers and others retired and trying to supplement their income. They’re hard-working individuals, trying to live the “American Dream”; driving tourists to The Strip and locals to their errands, Doctor appointments, and daily activities.  Not to mention, delivering food and packages when they’re not carrying people around Clark County.  It was inspiring to see people working so hard to achieve their financial goals.  I’m invested in their success because it is a positive action; literally driving the economy to new heights.
It’s my belief we should be able to use our private property any way we choose as long as we are not harming another.  The basic ideas of protecting private property use, self-determination and the pursuit of prosperity are protected by our beloved constitution.  The government should not be able to exclude individuals from using their private property to increase their incomes, fill hours of boredom with conversation and productivity or protect an industry because they have expensive lobbyists or make campaign donations. That’s just not the way capitalism works.
Some politicians in Nevada are against Uber and Lyft, ( read that as ALL rideshare ideas!), simply because it takes away revenue from their big donors – the taxicab companies and their unions.  Sacrificing objectivity on issues to protect big donors is beyond ridiculous; it should be criminal.  Protecting a market from new disrupting ideas simply protects old, antiquated methods and practices.  It does not improve the market, it does not protect consumers and it does not inspire trust from the market.
I respect the licensing requirements and background checks for all drivers. BTW, the standards for UBER and Lyft drivers are substantially higher due to the ratings individual riders leave for their drivers. Not to mention the other hoops they must jump through in order to become a rideshare driver in Nevada.  I want to keep our tourists and locals safe.  Above all, I want to maintain the relationship of trust of our rideshare public.  Our current policies governing taxi cabs, Uber and Lyft drivers are adequate for this purpose.  Allowing the free market, technology and the laws of Supply and Demand to govern transportation is the best practice.
Obviously, Uber and Lyft AND taxies can share the road and the market space, to all of their benefit and to the benefit of the public.

The people’s right to earn income and use their private property as they see fit is constitutional. Supporting people who are trying to earn a living by doing an honest day’s work is simply common sense.