Ed On Crime

Since government is basically in control of the society, whether we like it or not, it becomes incumbent on its leaders (politicians and functionaries) to set an example of obedience to the law.  Even more serious, but often overlooked and/or forgiven, are government violations of the Constitution, which public officials are even specifically sworn to obey.  Because of this, it is more damaging to the rule of law and the fabric holding society together when a policeman injures or kills a citizen unjustifiably than it is when a hundred ordinary citizen kills another.  When the water department ignores the law during the process of imposing another rate increase, it should not go unnoticed and unspoken.  Holding government accountable to a high threshold will set an example of respect for the law that reduce common crime rates.  Combine that with 2) the elimination of victimless crimes, and 3) the provision of ample job and entrepreneurial opportunities (which I outline above as something that Nevada can do easily) and we could also create a new low crime, low cost, and extremely prosperous State.