Duties of the Lieutenant Governor

There are, of course, other things that the Lt. Governor does, but his/her role as Chairman of the Tourism Commission is by far the most important and the one most emphasized here for numerous reasons:

  • It’s by far the state’s biggest industry
  • It’s also the best, richest and largest industry in the world
  • Nevada is a world leader—as long as some crazy or some greedy casino/politician cartel       doesn’t screw it up
  • It is the easiest to expand—my goal is to increase the number of visitors by 50% in the next 4 years. The naysayers (and hotel cartel) will say there aren’t enough rooms. However, this “problem” can not only be solved with the stroke of a pen (by eliminating the very anti-citizen laws prohibiting locals from hosting tourists), but becomes a multi-billion dollar asset for the community.
  • It is the industry that is most amenable to participation by individual Nevadans—whom tourists are anxious to meet—and the one that will provoke unprecedented interest in learning about the other 95% of the world and in promoting win-win solutions, such as world peace.
  • It is the most adaptable to changing conditions, requiring only peace and prosperity in the world and safety here
  • Done correctly it offers both job and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Because the industry is so broad, it offers the greatest number of choices for training and experience to local citizens. For example, one immediate need would be personal services in the language of the tourists. Among the countless ways of gaining that ability would be increased foreign language instruction and foreign exchange opportunities

The other duties of the Lt. Governor include

  •  Executing the duties of the Governor, whenever he/she is absent.
  • Acting as the de facto ambassador of the Governor and State in doing the preliminary and ongoing work involved with keeping Nevada on the cutting edge of having excellent international relationships.
  • Promoting international trade and sitting on the Transportation Committee. Both of these are intertwined with duties involving tourism. In 2015 the Governor created the “Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee” (SNTIC). One of the purposes of SNTIC was to recommend improvements in transportation into and within the resort corridor. Not only did SNTIC fail to put forth even one such recommendation relating to transportation, but allowed itself to be railroaded into making recommendations which had nothing to do even with infrastructure!
  • Acting as President of the Senate, giving the Lt. Governor responsibility for breaking tie votes by the Senate
  • It is said—by the incumbent Lt. Governor—that developing a close relationship between the Governor and Lt. Governor must be the top priority for the Lt. Governor. My experience has taught me that the best solutions emerge out of discussions among people of different minds, but similar win-win objectives. That is why I will work hard to elect a Governor committed to eliminating the colonial status of Nevada and to becoming a State by controlling the lands within its boundaries.